The best things in life aren’t free … but they can be had for a discount.

Lux Lifestyle is proud to announce our partnership with PerkSpot, an industry leader in exclusive perks. As a member of Lux Lifestyle, you have access to the thousands of incredible discounts PerkSpot offers.

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Here are the some of the best perks you get through Lux Lifestyle’s member rewards!


Wyndham Hotel Group

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One of the most significant hotel management companies in the world, Wyndham oversees some very prestigious properties.

Welcome to the Wyndham Grand Qingdao. One of China’s most beautiful resorts, The Wyndham Grand Qingdao is a very contemporary beach resort that overlooks the city skyline and stunning Silver Beach. With multiple upscale restaurants and lounges, as well as all the amenities that come with a five-star property, you’ll feel like royalty!

Lux Lifestyle members receive up to 20% off of their stay at any Wyndham Hotel Group property. And you don’t have to go all the way to China to take advantage of this perk. Wyndham oversees more than 7,000 properties all over the world. This is one perk that travel lovers will surely use over and over!

Priority Pass

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Travel can be stressful and tiresome, especially when stuck at an airport. Trying to find an open seat, let alone a place to charge your phone or laptop can be extremely frustrating.

Enter Priority Pass. With Priority Pass, you have access to more than 850 exclusive airport lounges all across the world. Enjoy comfort and privacy, as well as a cocktail and a bite to eat. You’ll find plenty of open seating, charging stations for your devices, wifi and business amenities, and so much more.

Lux Lifestyle members receive up to 15% off their membership with Priority Pass. Their private lounges set the standard when it comes to traveling in comfort. Take the pain out of traveling with Priority Pass!

Auto Europe

Photo Credit: Kugler

Traveling overseas comes with its own set of challenges, and logistics are at the top of that list. It helps to have some experts on your side. That’s where Auto Europe can help. They’re one of the leading car rental companies in the country and have all the resources you need to have the best European vacation possible.

From their vast selection of cars, including luxury and sports cars, to their itinerary inspiration and must-stop destination suggestions, Auto Europe is the expert you can rely on.

Lux Lifestyle members can save as much as 33% with Auto Europe. Use the money you save to gas up and hit the road. When you’re ready to take that Europroad road trip, Lux Lifestyle has you covered!



Photo Credit: Umad

Known for their cutting-edge audio products, Sennheiser is an industry legend. Creator of the Orpheus, which sell for $50K, Sennheiser sets the standard for high-end audio electronics.

Don’t worry, that price tag is reserved for Sennheiser’s top product. The company also offers a large selection of outstanding products in all price ranges.

But you won’t have to worry about price as much as others because as a Lux Lifestyle member, you’ll save up to 20% off of your Sennheiser purchases. So, go ahead and upgrade those old headphones!


Photo Credit: Scene 7

You’ve probably got a Samsung product or two in your home already. One of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, Samsung has become a standard brand in many homes.

Their televisions are among their best products and are regularly praised as top yearly models. Pictured above is The Frame, Samsung’s newest and most revolutionary television.

Don’t forget about their line of appliances, or their mobile devices. Samsung makes something for everyone.

Members of Lux Lifestyle can receive up to 33% off their Samsung purchases, stretching that purchasing power to the limit. Come on – you know you want a new flat screen!


Photo Credit: The Phoblographer

Our lives are a series of moments. Capture the special ones to keep forever. Canon has been making cameras and photography equipment for decades, and have become a staple for amateur photographers everywhere.

Their commitment to quality lets even the newest photographer take incredible photos. Plus, their latest products and resources can turn the average photographer into a true professional.

Lux Lifestyle members get access to exclusive discount codes to save big on Canon products. It’s time to start capturing your best memories on something better than your phone camera.


Blue Apron

Photo Credit: CNBC

Blue Apron takes the chore out of cooking by delivering all the ingredients you need to make delicious and healthy meals. This is farm-to-table dining at its best!

Blue Apron has a great selection of options to choose from including diet-specific options, like gluten free and low carb meals. Their meats are hormone free, and all of their seafood is sustainably sourced.

Lux Lifestyle members will save big when shopping at Blue Apron, including $35 off of the first order. Saving money never tasted so good!

Godiva Chocolates

Photo Credit: WGC

One of the world’s finest chocolatiers, Godiva Chocolates make any occasion more special. Since 1926, Godiva has been making delicious luxury chocolates. They’re so prolific that the term Godiva has become synonymous with delightful chocolate treats.

Lux Lifestyle members receive 20% off of all orders between $60-$300, plus they get free shipping! Who can pass up an offer this sweet?


Photo Credit: BOWC

Winc, the direct-to-consumer winery. If you love great wine, Winc is the service for you. Winc sends you four wines from their selection with every shipment. From fruity whites to full-bodied reds, and everything in between, Winc knows wine.

With over one hundred varieties to choose from, you’re definitely going to find some favorites on their menu. The best part? You never have to leave the house!

Lux Lifestyle members get $25 off their first order from Winc. That’s worth a toast. Cheers!


Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Photo Credit: Travel & Leisure

This is a super reward! Disney is one of the world’s biggest brands with theme parks and entertainment opportunities all across the globe. Since its inception in the mid-50’s, Disneyland has become the ultimate family destination.

Lux Lifestyle members save big on all things Disney, including park tickets and hotel and resort stays, as well as traveling Disney entertainment and shows.

Professional Sports

Photo Credit: Bay Area

If you’re a sports fan, you need this in your life! Not just one professional sport, but all of the major leagues: NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL. These are the top athletes, playing in the biggest games. Experience the thrill of a live game alongside thousands of other cheering fans!

Lux Lifestyle members save big on tickets and merchandise for all the major teams across all the major sports leagues.

Broadway Shows – New York

Photo Credit: NYSST

Take in the latest Broadway sensation. Live theater has definitely hit its stride. With new plays and musicals coming out regularly, Broadway has a show for all tastes.

Delight as your favorite actors and singers take on classic roles or make new roles classic. If you’ve never experienced a live stage play or musical, now’s the time.

Lux Lifestyle members get access to exclusive seats and ticket discounts. You’ll definitely feel like a VIP with Broadway Shows – New York!


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